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Float Space is a commercial float centre in Kelowna, BC: a community, a state of mind, a way of life, a movement.

We offer three unique float environments (2 tanks, 1 room, and 1 open pool).
It is our mission to provide a clean, creative, and safe space to explore and enhance the practice of floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimuli Technique) 

A message to all new floaters,

Floating in a saltwater isolation tank is a true inner experience for the mind, body, and soul; a journey inwards to the very core of your being, and can be an integral tool in your pursuit of stress relief, total health, and optimization. I believe that floating for even an hour and a half in the calm solitude of the float tank is one of the most beneficial experiences you can have today, and an even better practice to develop.13254041_478242689046464_5293401674449614155_n

As a dedicated floater myself, I know this practice well, and continue to discover new aspects, applications, and states of being with each subsequent float. I recommend that you let go of any expectations about what you may, could, or should experience. Every float is unique, but every float provides us with the space for self-love.

2016nationalchampionWhat you can expect is a high-quality, clean, and consistent float environment hosted by knowledgeable, kind, and friendly people. You can trust that you are in a space with a high level of safety and security, and that all of your questions will be answered. We have hosted over 5000 first float sessions, and continue to develop our own daily float practices. We know this space, we love this practice, and we are excited to share it with you.

Welcome to the Float Space community, may you too “find your float space.”


Dustin Erickson





New To Floating?

 Learn more about the benefits of floating, our tanks, and the history of floatation.

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Welcome to the float community! Learn more about our featured artist, and how to energy exchange (volunteer) for floats.